Four Acres Academy

Building relationships that enable children to learn, grow and achieve

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Four Acres Academy - a Futura Learning Partnership school

School Values

Vision & Values



Our vision is to build relationships that enable learners to learn, grow and achieve.



Our aims are to enable our children to:

  • develop their knowledge and skills, 
  • grow in resourcefulness and resilience
  • go forward able to learn and achieve
  • live happily in and contribute to our global society.


 School Values

Everything we do at Four Acres is underpinned by our school values:


  1. Respect - for self and others as something to be given and earned; an important principle for a tolerant, equal, democratic society, in Four Acres and beyond.
  2. Independence- the ability to think, act and pursue a course of action, in which the learner is responsible for their own behaviours and emotions, is self-reflective and is confident to face new challenges.
  3. Articulate- providing our pupils with the opportunity to speak fluently and coherently within a range of contexts.
  4. Resilience – developing strength and confidence in handling difficult, stressful, challenging experiences, large and small; encouraging optimism, creativity and problem-solving; managing emotions.
  5. Confidence–  in one’s abilities and aptitudes to manage in different situations. Our pupils trust that they can engage with the world and are more willing to rise to challenges and take on responsibilities.


We have a commitment to these guiding principles in all aspects of Academy life:

  • the  learning activities of all kinds that we provide in and out of school;
  • our interactions with children at all times;
  • our relationships with parents and carers;
  • our support for the staff team.
  • our contribution to the wider community