Four Acres Academy

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Four Acres Academy - a Futura Learning Partnership school

Who's Who


Acting Headteachers: Mrs Carys Taylor-Evans and Miss Emma Holland  

Deputy Headteacher:

Assistant Headteachers: Mr Alex Saunders



Early Years Lead: Miss Hannah Edwards

Nursery Leads (2 and 3 year olds): Miss Siobhan Walsh - Manager; Miss Laura Walsh/Mrs Leanne Moore - Deputy Managers

Nursery Team:  Miss Kelly McDaid, Mrs Jayne O'Donovan, Mrs Toni Griffee, Mr Jacob Craven, Miss Jade Preece


Pre-school Leads (3 and 4 year olds): Mrs Emily Filer & Mrs Kellie Radford (Dragonflies)

Pre-school Team: Mrs Karen Press, Mr Jacob Craven, Mrs Lucy Davies, Miss Katie Vowles


CLASS TEACHERS  (Two form entry)

Reception Classes: Miss Lucy Bowen (Bumblebees); Miss Chloe Barker (Grasshoppers)

Year 1: Mrs Jess King (Frogs); Mrs Sue Howells (Robins)

Year 2: Miss Alex Thomas-Carter (Rabbits); Miss Harriet Dawson (Kingfishers)

Year 3: Mrs Jo Hutchings (Squirrels); Mrs Clare Holden (Foxes)

Year 4: Miss Rosalind Russell (Otters); Mr John Xanh (Woodpeckers)

Year 5: Mr Henry Harper (Owls); Miss Kelsey Metters (Hedgehogs) 

Year 6: Mr Matt Livingstone (Falcons); Mr Alex Saunders/Miss Jodie Parker (Badgers)



Reception Classes: Miss Lauren Budd (Bumblebees); Mrs Tanya Lewis/Miss Louise Townsend (Grasshoppers)

Year 1: Mrs Amanda Croasdale (Frogs); Miss Michelle Bragg/Mrs Jodie Jones (Robins)

Year 2: Mrs Danielle Sealy (Rabbits)

Year 3: Miss Bethany Silcocks (Squirrels); Miss Chelsea Genge (Foxes)

Year 4: Mrs Helen Yeatman/Miss Brogan Williams (Otters); Miss Shauna Haddow (Woodpeckers)

Year 5: Miss Laura Scull (Owls); Mrs Tracy Walker (Hedgehogs)

Year 6: Miss Tara Newman (Falcons); Mrs Helen Beach/Miss Clare Trickey (Badgers)

PPA cover: Miss Maria Helley



SENCo: Miss Molly Ferris

Early Years SENCo: Mrs Toni Griffee

Trainee Licensed Thrive Practitioners: Mrs Gean Phillips/Mrs Helen Yeatman

Learning Mentors: Miss Jess Whittard and Mr Josh Williams

Mental Health Lead: Miss Jess Whittard

Family Support Worker including Safeguarding and Attendance: Miss Zoe Mclean



Office Manager: Mrs Shelley Davies

Attendance/School Dinners: Mrs Lisa Beacham

Office Admin: Miss Carla Thomas

Office Admin (Friday):  Mrs Katie Hughes

Site Manager: Mr James Williams

Finance Manager: Mrs Helen Barlass


SMSAs (Lunchtime Supervision/Play Leaders):

Miss Kira Evans, Miss Zoe Goodall, Miss Shelley Hibbs, Mrs Jane Legg, Miss Rebecca Metcalf,

Mrs Sarah Smith, Mrs Stacey Spill, Miss Jodie Wilson

Lunchtime Play Co-ordinator: Mrs Tracy Walker



Manager: Mrs Terry Ford

Housekeepers:  Mrs Tracy Taylor, Miss Zoe Goodall, Miss Jodie Wilson,

Miss Shelley Hibbs