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Four Acres Academy - a Futura Learning Partnership school

Year 1 (Frogs and Robins)

Welcome to Frogs and Robins!



Class Teacher: Mrs King
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Croasdale




Class Teacher: Mrs Howells
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jones and Miss Bragg



General Information 


We are two Year 1 classes. Our curriculum consists of reading, writing and mathematics (in the morning) and our foundation subjects (taught in the afternoons) some subjects such as PE, Jigsaw, Computing, Music and RE taught discretely. When learning, we are mathematicians, authors or other states of being and have high aspirations and expectations of ourselves.   


Term 1:  We are excited to start our new school year !


Reading and Phonics
In Frogs and Robins we understand reading is important to help our learning. We need to bring our book bags (with our reading records) every day. We expect children to read at home 5x a week. This can be their phonics reading books or any book from home, please make sure you sign your child's reading record so we can add their name to the 5 times readers list (prizes can be won!).

We are offering reading clubs to further support children in the mornings, this is invite only and children who attend are still expected to read 5 times a week at home. We will be starting stay and read soon so please watch out for a date on Dojo. This is a chance for  parents to come to the class at 2.45pm and stay and read with your child - ask your class teacher for more information.


We teach phonics through the Read Write Inc phonics program. Children are taught phonics and reading daily in groups. Children will receive 2 books each week to read at home daily when they are ready, please write a note in your child's reading record when you do. More information about RWI can be found here: Useful Links | Four Acres Academy




As athletes we ensure that our PE kits (white top, black bottoms and black trainers/daps) are in school each ready for the week. Frogs PE: Monday, Robins PE: Wednesday.

We also have PE specialists that teach Robins and Frogs twice a term. PE kits can be left in school for the term. 

Forest School

We do use our Forest School as often as we can, your class teacher will notify you of when this will happen. Please can you leave wellie boots and outdoor clothing on your pegs for outside play as well as forest school. 



How can I help my child at home?

Please read with your child at least 5 times a week. Practice being independent whilst getting dressed, doing up buttons, putting on jumpers and coats, putting shoes on the right feet, ask your child to help pack their school bag as this way they will know what is in it.



In Maths this term we will focus numbers and place value to 20 as well as beginning addition and subtraction. We will use a variety of methods including counting on, using our fingers, using number lines and part/whole models. We will also be practicing problem solving and giving reasons for our answers.


Here are some useful maths ideas and websites:

Place Value:

Practice writing numbers up to 100 - especially the trickier numbers above 10 !

Write numbers on pieces of paper and order from biggest to smallest

have a number hunt - what numbers can you find when you're shopping, what is the biggest number, add 2 numbers together...

Place Value Basketball - Dienes Game for 5 to 8 Year Olds (

Place Value Charts - Topmarks

Shark Numbers || To know what each digit in a 3-digit number represents - mobile friendly (

Play top marks Daily 10 (level 1) 



We will be using the talk 4 writing planning cycle. This develops children's understanding of story composition while allowing them to create their own and learning the basics of grammar, spelling and punctuation. We begin by imitating a story: copying, reciting and adding acting, using puppets to tell. Then we innovate a story: changing key elements but keeping the structure the same, for example, changing the sounds Mr. Bear can hear in the story 'Peace at Last'. Finally, we invent: create a new story, or part of a story based on the type of story we have learnt, for example, the story 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes is a story about losing something, so we would invent a story opening about something lost. 


Information about Talk4write: What is Talk for Writing? - Talk for Writing (


Our core books for this term:

Peace at Last, By Jill Murphy


Our non-fiction for this term:

Invitation writing to our teddy bear picnic. Date TBC 


Continued Skill focus:

Writing sentences that the children can reread using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



In our curriculum lessons we are artists, engineers, historians and much much more !



We are looking at the United Kingdom and making comparisons to Australia. 



In science this term we will learn about habitats and how plants and animals have adapted to live in different conditions. 

KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize

Puzzles: Habitats (

Activities - Explorify



In jigsaw this term we will be talking about being safe and happy in the classroom. Our topic is called 'Being me in my world'. 



This term we will learn about sliders and axles. We will be creating a moving picture as well as a windmill. 



We use the program charanga to help us learn about different types of music. 



In computing this term we will be learning to log in and use the mouse/key board.